French soldier at the Rhine
Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon at the Rhine

[Rhineland, 1794]  While at the Potomac the new capital came into being, no stone remained unturned in Europe. The French Revolution shattered Europe’s monarchies, soon war broke out. Napoleon and the Rhine frontier (1794-1803, Germany) […]

Baltimore 1812
Napoleonic Wars

British-American War

[America, 1812] In those days Johann’s family moved even closer together. Laurie’s cousin Randolph served in the US Navy, and although the United States were neutral, again and again American vessels were captured by British […]

Moscow 1812
Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon’s defeat

[Europe, 1812] Since Napoleon could not conquer England, he intended to fight it by economic means, and decreed the Continental system: no country was allowed to trade with England, no harbor was allowed to let English […]

Napoleonic Wars

The Bergmanns leave

[Rhineland, around 1815] Restoration After the victory over Napoleon, the statesmen of Europe gathered at the Congress of Vienna restored the old order. The whole of the Rhineland, Westphalia, and some other territories fell to […]