Bonn around 1700
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The Escape

[Rhineland, 1714]  After many years of fighting, the War of the Spanish succession (1701-14) was finally over. Elector-Archbishop Joseph Clemens of Cologne of the powerful Wittelsbach family, who had sided with King Louis XIV of […]

Map colonies
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To America

[Atlantic Ocean, 1714]  The coast of Europe became smaller and smaller, and soon it was out of sight. Anton was feeling anxious and heavy-hearted. So far, he hardly had time to come to terms with […]

Amish Family in Pennsylvania
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[America, 1715] Lady Meredith’s small country house had become a jewel. Working together with his friends and Lady Meredith’s brother Lord Ruben, who had given them a warm welcome, they had quickly built an annex […]

"Merry Dragon" country inn
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Colonial America

[America, around 1725] For ten years Anton had been living in New World. He had a fine stone house at the Brandywine Creek near Chadds Fort. He and Andy had helped building a country road which […]

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King George’s War

[America, around 1740] Ambrose had gotten a sister whom they had named Betty, after Anton’s beloved Lisbeth. Both children were proud of their “Merry Dragon” inn. Sometimes they showed the guests their rooms or laid the […]

American Indian warriors in the woods
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French and Indian War

[America, 1754] Shortly after Anton’s death, his friends Lady Meredith and Lord Ruben passed away too. But the friendship between the two families helped them through the time of grief, and they knew that they would […]

Battle of Long Island
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American Revolutionary War

[America, 1776] Andy, who had come to North America as a youth, was now a grandfather. Ambrose and his wife Rachel had a son, Emmett, and a daughter, Laurie. Betty and her husband Simon had […]

USS Constellation
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Citizens of the United States of America

[America, 1781] Finally the war was over, and the joy was great when Ambrose, Simon and Emmett returned sound and safe. Also Fritz, the Hessian, could soon go back home to his family. Peace and […]

French soldier at the Rhine
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Napoleon at the Rhine

[Rhineland, 1794]  While at the Potomac the new capital came into being, no stone remained unturned in Europe. The French Revolution shattered Europe’s monarchies, soon war broke out. Napoleon and the Rhine frontier (1794-1803, Germany) […]

Baltimore 1812
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British-American War

[America, 1812] In those days Johann’s family moved even closer together. Laurie’s cousin Randolph served in the US Navy, and although the United States were neutral, again and again American vessels were captured by British […]