Amish Family in Pennsylvania

New home Pennsylvania

“Already as a little girl Betty had enjoyed listening to her grandfather Anton when he spoke of his homeland. Once she had asked him which Indian tribes lived over there at the Rhine. Anton had […]

A young man wearing black-red-gold

Subjects and citizens

Niklas was thoughtful. “Not only the issues,” he said, “above all the people. Now I live as a free man in a free country, in a state that is supported by its citizens. Where do […]


Years of War

“Lorenz has sent us many of your articles, Harvey,” Lena said, “I admire the way you write about your country and its people who are so individual and manifold, how you want to do justice […]


The Land of Limitless Possibilities

Since her childhood, Chiara had received many postcards from the Rhineland and posted them into an album.”The Rhine, Bonn and Cologne, the Drachenfels and the Seven Mountains. From here, our family has come to North […]