Bonn 1919
American family in Coblenz

A family reunion after the war

[Rhineland, autumn 1919] By the end of September, fraternization was finally allowed, and both Germans and American soldiers seemed pleased. On the way to Bonn Some weeks later Chiara and John rode on a train from […]

Kathi and Max
American family in Coblenz


[Rhineland, spring 1920] After their first meeting in Bonn, the reserve between Chiara and John and the German Bergmanns quickly vanished. They talked over the telephone, Chiara sent photos of her children, her mother Amber and […]

Putsch in Berlin, 1920
American family in Coblenz

Kapp-Putsch and Red Ruhr Army

[Germany, March 1920] The first years of the young republic were civil war like. The deep political rift, the hatred and willingness to use violence troubled Kathi und Max. They both were mourning Hugo Haase, chairman […]

Coblence, around 1920
American family in Coblenz

The world is still askew

[Rhineland, 1920] Thank God, the putsch in Berlin and the following Ruhr crisis were over. In Coblenz too it had been days full of tension for the American forces when Reichswehr troops advance more into the […]

A boy wearing an "army coat"
American family in Coblenz

Rebuilding one’s life after the war

[Rhineland, spring 1920] The young Weimar Republic was overshadowed by political turmoil and great need. Many people blamed the republican politicians rather than their wartime leaders for the defeat and the hard Treaty of Versailles. Back […]

WW1, distroyed village
American family in Coblenz


[Germany, 1921] According to the Peace Treaty of Versailles, Germany had to pay large-scale reparations for all the loss and damage caused by the war. However, the exact amount to be paid had not been fixed […]

Free Corps poster (cropped)
American family in Coblenz

“November Criminals”

[Germany, August 1921] At the end of August, a black cloth rosette hung in the window of the “Stübchen””, next to it a black-red-golden one. A few days ago, on August 26, 1921, Matthias Erzberger had […]