Belgium 1914
Emigrants story sequel

“Halt the Hun” War Propaganda

[USA, 1917/18] Shaken, Chiara looked at the Liberty Bonds she was about to buy. On it was a creature with a Pickelhaube abgebildet, so obviously a German. It was completely dehumanized, and even a gorilla did […]

American Expeditionary Forces marching
Emigrants story sequel

Mobilizing for War

[USA, 1917] President Wilson had declared war on Germany, the USA entered the Great War as an “Associated Power” to the Allies. As the USA only had only a little army, a system of conscription […]

Hindenburg, Wilhelm I, Ludendorf
Emigrants story sequel

No chance for peace

[Germany, summer 1917] The war was already in the third year, and there was no prospect of peace. In vain Pope Benedict XV had repeatedly urged peace negotiations. On behalf of the Central Powers, Chancellor […]