German soldier at the Western front
Emigrants story sequel


[Rhineland and France, 1916] Bad news came from everywhere. The war propaganda confidently predicted victory, but Lottie had stopped believing that a long time ago. At the Western front, a grueling war of attrition raged. Millions […]

Funeral procession, Vienna 1916
Emigrants story sequel

Austria-Hungary 1916

[Austria-Hungary, 1916]  While the battles of Verdun and the Somme were raging in the west, the Russians attacked again in June 1916 and pushed forward to the Carpathians. Hundreds of thousands soldiers of the Central […]

A long queue hoping for bread
Emigrants story sequel

“Turnip Winter” in Germany

[Germany, winter 1916/17]  The British naval blockade caused great suffering in Germany. This winter, the need was dramatic: a rainy autumn had caused a potato slight and only half of the harvest could be saved, […]