Imperial fleet
Emigrants story sequel


[USA and Europe, around 1910]  Germany wanted to have her “Place in the Sun” just as Britain and France, and behaved like the emperor of a World Power, relying on Germany’s military and economic strength. […]

Sarajevo 1914
Emigrants story sequel

Austria’s heir to the throne assassinated

[Austria-Hungary, 1914] In the East, the Balkans were a “powder keg” that could explode any time. After the great Balkan crisis, the Congress of Berlin 1878 had confirmed Serbia’s, Montenegro’s, Romania’s and Bulgaria’s independence from the […]

Herbestahal, border station between Germany and Belgium
Emigrants story sequel

July Crisis

[Rhineland and Belgium, July 1914] Some days lay after the fatal shots in Sarajevo, Sophie was visiting family and friends at the Rhine, her daughter Lottie, her son-in-law Matthias, her grandchildren Kathi and Walter, and […]