Armistice and Revolution


[Germany,  November 1918] At the the end of September, the High Command had informed Kaiser Wilhelm II that there was no more hope, and that Germany had to ask for an armistice upon Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”. […]

Revolution in Berlin, November 1919
Armistice and Revolution

German Revolution 1918/19

[Germany, 1918/19] At the end of October 1918, the military commanders ordered, by their own authority, the navy in Kiel to set sail for a last battle against the British Royal Navy. The war was […]

Austria-Hungary 1919
Armistice and Revolution

Austria-Hungary 1918

[Austria-Hungary, 1918] Already in the last days of the war, the Czechs, Galician, Polish, Slovenes and Croats had broken with Austria-Hungary. In Transylvania, Romania had assumed power.The Hungarian government had broken off the the Union with […]

Rhine ferry Mehlem - Königswinter
Armistice and Revolution

Will France annex the Rhineland?

According to the armistice, the left bank of the Rhine had to be evacuated by December 4th 6 am. For most people defeat had come as a complete surprise, because until the very last moment […]